About Me

In 2005 I qualified as a teacher with the British Wheel of Yoga - recognised by Sport England as Yoga's national governing body.

Born in Holland I started Yoga 16 years ago whilst employed in a hectic job.  Somehow I always felt tired and achy before a days work and worse after despite being in my 30's!  Even though test results always came back normal, I just didn't feel energetic and upbeat.  In fact it wasn't until I had a small accident, which made me realise I didn't breathe properly, was stressed out to the max, and was completely out of tune on all levels, that I knew I needed to change.

Having an incredibly short boredom threshold, I looked for something that could help me breathe properly again, increase my energy levels and was enjoyable to do.  Having found a local Yoga class which fitted in around my job change, I knew this was something I could stick with.  My teacher was down to earth, funny with a spark in her eye I will never forget and despite having a lovely apple shaped figure was incredibly agile .  The experience was not at all what I had seen in some Yoga books and certainly not what I expected Yoga to be.  Unsurprisingly I was hooked - especially on breathing practices, relaxation and later, having gained further qualifications in this subject, meditation, .

Today I fit my yoga classes around my family and finally feel that I have got the work/life balance right.  My energy levels, combined with a passion for proper and healthy food, have returned and my aches and pains are a distant memory.  I can honestly say I have an overall sense of well being I love to share with other people.  Yoga is often misunderstood as not being for everyone but I honestly believe it can benefit anyone - young or old and of any ability.

One of the most common blocks for a beginner to start yoga is the believe that you need to be flexible or be able to do headstands.  Yoga
is not about twisting and knotting yourself into contorted shapes and postures.  With yoga you start from where you are - the important
thing is just to start.

My approach is to make Yoga accessible to all by helping people fit it into their modern, busy lives without worrying about 'doing it wrong'.  Its essential to allow everyone to learn at their own pace, in a safe and nonjudgmental environment.  This way they can realise its benefits and enjoy time spent dedicated solely to themselves knowing they are improving their practice in a time and space that is right for them.