Pilates Classes

The Rise and Shine Pilates Class
30 minutes class to give you an energetic start of the day.
These exercises are done mainly standing.

Pilates with Weights Class
30 minutes class with small hand weights, either in the form of cans, water bottles if you have not got Pilates weighted balls or hand weights. Of course you can do the class without weights too. These exercises are a combination of standing and matwork.

Pilates Mix Class
45 minute class consisting of 30 minutes standing exercises with or without weights and 15 minutes matwork.

Pilates Mat and Pilates Mat intermediate
1 hour class on the mat.

What is Pilates

The most asked question is: what is the difference between YOGA and Pilates?

The benefits of Yoga and Pilates are well known and share some similarities. Both can calm the mind and also strengthen and stretches the body.

Pilates was devised by Joseph Pilates in the 1960’s but yoga has been about for thousand of years and is underpinned by ancient Indian philosophy and has a spiritual component. 

Pilates is also a mindful practice because you perform Pilates movements with focus on what is happening inside your body.  This encourages you to be mentally present when you do your Pilates exercises. Pilates also works with the breath and encourages good breathing habits, which helps calm the nervous system.

Pilates exercises were designed to make the body strong and work at an optimum level. It is therefore beneficial for injury rehabilitation and recovery too. Pilates also works with equipment, and you can see from the timetable we work with small weighted Pilates balls/hand weights especially beneficial for bone health to combat osteoporosis.  

Joseph Pilates took exercises from yoga, boxing and gymnastics so there is an overlap between yoga and Pilates.  

Our Pilates classes are mat based and focus on strength, toning, mobility and breathing. 

Ultimately both Yoga and PILATES offer amazing benefits and both can help transform your mind and your body. The important thing is to find which one you like best and can commit to regularly.

Of course, Pilates and Yoga go beautifully together and you might want to do both.